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She lacks presence and makes no real impact on the panel.

Ratings are too low for them to waste their time going there. Indian desi sexy girl. He's not a bad person. Joy behar nude. With Barbara there Whoopi knew she at least had to fake it for awhile sometimes. If she were just an angry black woman she would not be supported, but she has a way of bullying everyone with her self righteous standing for nothing that some dumb people fall for. And she's for tougher gun laws. He went on that Ancestry show and was very limited as to much knowledge about American History. Take a seat at your homes, my ladies, that's what this nigga says!!

Whoopi's insistence on how Bill Clinton doesn't matter because Hillary is running missed one of Hill's major policy points. That was so fucked up. It's so funny to see her and how wonderful she is with the guests both wonderful in demeanour, and also very good at interviewing them because it just highlights how much she hates the rest of the job itself and doesn't really care for her co hosts.

The 2 wingnuts agreed. Sexy girl boobs gif. I'm okay with them getting rid of both Michelle and Raven if they cut the Jesus brigade as well. Whoopi has been very strong on banning assault rifles though.

You have a problem with that Miss Dude R And my fans have been really supportive of me doing that," she said. Something similar to The People's Couch, maybe? Candace didn't like Michelle calling Cruz out by saying people who preach about how to live should be living what they preach. Maybe it's because I can only take some of them so much, but a little of them isn't completely terrible. R nails Paula completely. The only shameful one on the show was Bobby Brown. I want him to be happy.

No, they are hypocrites. According to ENews, Collins was given the option to continue to make some appearances on the show until the end of her contract in July, but she and ABC amicably agreed to cut ties now to free Michelle up for new projects.

I don't think so; I don't think he has ever kept it in his pants regardless of the risks. I really just want to be the person that I aspire to be, and be the actress, and be in this industry and make movies and do what I love to do, and bring characters to life that people can relate to. Russian lesbian anal. I know those two are hated around here, but they're basically losing the two personalities with actual name value.

The Biggest Ever I'll repeat it, Paula was out of line, and full of shit as she usually is. The View lost out on two good years of her, as she pointed out in a funny side-eye comment the other day. One of the problems I've had with the show is they never have a smart conservative on the panel - ok they had Wallace but I always felt she was awkward and uncomfortable on camera.

Raven is liberal, but her intellectual capacity has bothered me just as much.

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Honestly she's like a little kid living in their own world who hasn't had to deal with the real issues yet which shows when something happens like a school shooting and she self implodes because she has no idea.

She gets up before him to put on her makeup and hair. Anal craving milfs. R They're doing a second season? MTV denies the report: She should really thank her brother, Kirk for all of his homophobic shit because who gave a flying fuck about Candace Cameron?

Joy is the next biggest star and the only people who tune in to see her specifically are a sprinkling of older white gay men. I do think she's strong left, but not that far left except on issues like pot.

And what is up with so many conservatives on the panel right now?

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She's attractive though, but not as pretty as Candace. She's borderline cool and pretty. The conservative ladies have it easy with her now. A Quiet Place 3. She only perks up when she gets to make a dumb, light one-liner about lousy husbands or bad sex or something that might have been funny back in the early 80s. She was barely on the show this whole past 6 months or so and unlike Candace and Raven she wasn't really doing anything else during that absence. Joy behar nude. Big tit niece. There's a thread about Sophia's appearance on The View.

Is it because we all accept her stupidity and ridiculousness? Raven and Whoopi are dumb and mean meaner and dumber and Joy is a nice old Italian lady and Paula is a mystery. The show is much much much much much much better when Whoopi isn't there.

You have a problem with that Miss Dude R It's embarrassing this show is still on the air. The new venture comes as "The View" remains under the microscope — isn't it always? BW always maintained a middle of the road stance because she believed a journalist should remain non-partial.

Half of the ones we've seen on The View are hand picked by her. He knows he wouldn't get a fair interview when the majority of hosts points to Joy,Sunny,Whoopi are anti-Trump. Raven is a moron, clear to everyone. She should go too.

Since the news broke that Joy had signed a new three year deal back in March we haven't heard anything else other than Whoopi being in talks. Whoopi is the ghetto Loretta Lynn. Milf redhead solo. Joy is going at Bernie today. Maybe the backlash from that incident put her off having a real opinion on political issues.

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