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Other than that, an essential mod is the wideslider one. Lesbian tribbing humping. Turns out there's no point in making a square jaw because it looks like shit in motion because it doesn't move, the mouth just flaps by itself. In case anyone wants to brutally rape her. Honey select nude. I have all of the translation patches installed but its like half of the UI is translated and half isnt.

I haven't figured it out yet. It exactly what it sounds like; changes the sliders so you can get more variance.

That's really good anon. The moment after I posted this I got the idea to run it as admin. If you could use swimsuit items and regular clothes together it'd be so much easier to mimic costumes.

Faggots refusing to do anything and expect to have their hand held and asses wiped for them. The potatonigger genes run deep. It's been well over a month since my install of HoneySelect corrupted itself into a black screen with, for some reason, only a loaded cursor. Lesbian clothing line. And because Editor cant load png files without this info it ignores all cards altogether. Search in titles only. The bone modifier is great, you can even make male bone bigger or smaller.

Play Club had them or am I just retarded and cant find them? How i can get a girl into the horny state? If you're jerkin' it to the actress, then it crosses that line because that's a real human being and not a fictional construct. Fug, I can barely play with the boys. Just open with explorer mounts as a virtual drive and all. Of course there is, people are asking dumb fucking questions that have been answered multiple times in the thread.

Better to just remain in America mode. What makes a character experinced when you've just made one? What the fuck happened to her face? Beside the completely different method that's sometimes mentioned, where you delete the old content first? Then took them back out for HS. They're all this shade of red: I dont wanna install mods to then crash the game. My installer just isn't going any further, I could be retarded but I think I'm doing everything right.

Honey select nude

I'll post the updated ones later today when I'm back at home. Sexy poses for girls. Yes, don't worry about it, running both anti-virus and anti-malware programs, it's nothing to worry about. Site went down for a bit, but then brought back up with some rolled back data. Stampar I forgot that the original type3 and type4 skin texture have blocky artifact, and here's my fix.

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I know how to install those mods and patches but that make it more simple to do it!

But what exactly [ You can't from the program as far as I can tell. Also the "Shortcut" plugin from HF where you can cycle through positions including the ones the girl take over show every last pose the game has or do you need to unlock more?

It exactly what it sounds like; changes the sliders so you can get more variance. Girl fucked by biggest dick ever. Is fucking retards popular in Japan or something? Your browser does not support JavaScript! Alright, I dun goofed my reinstall. What happened to HF? I'll look into the issues you mentioned and see if they can be fixed. You don't need to reinstall the game, just reapply translations. How i can get a girl into the horny state? The file share server in op got shut down. It's so detailed even inside! Haven't been there myself in awhile though since I really hate the new look of what they're running.

Depending on how you treat the girl in the sex scenes, events might spawn with the girl allowing for something a bit different. I can tell body skin area of type 1 and 4 and genital area of type 2 have such pinky skin.

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More feminine face and body textures would be nice, but no one seems to be interested in making these. I didn't see any issues when I was mounting and installing… Source: Yeah, but guess what?

I really wish more people would work on regular clothes… specially qt dresses. Jana kramer nude pics. Honey select nude. Other than that, an essential mod is the wideslider one. What exactly are you trying to do?

She looks like a guy I know. The closer to an answer are quests about the uncensor mod and the 4k texture fucking up. I have no idea how you guys are managing to screw it up. I personally do not recommend it as it does break the immersion factor quite a bit. Not related to studio but with the chargen.

On top of that, Play Home, the spiritual successor to Honey Select, is coming soon.

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